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Tips For Healthier Hair

Posted by on Jan 20, 2016

healthy hair (2)Messy, uncoordinated hair – we’ve all been there. Over the years, the styling of hairs has developed vastly. Thousands of hairstyles have sprouted here and there. So there’s no doubt several hairs has suffered greatly because of the trauma and chemicals. When it comes to hairs, us women tend to get a little over protective. Even if it is considered as dead tissues, it is still one a source of our confidence.

We often see people who work a lot when it comes to their hair, whether it is blow-drying, dyeing or curling, all because we are one of these people. But hair, just like any parts of our body is delicate. When overused and abused, it tends to really break down, which results to unhealthy and uncoordinated hair. In this article, I’m going to give you some tips and bits of advice how to get your hair back to a healthy state and maintain its healthy condition.

• Do not over wash newly dyed hair – pretty common misconception among women is over-washing their newly coloured hair. Since you just dyed your hair, your hair is still adjusting to chemicals which mean your hair is still vulnerable to other chemicals, so washing it is not just unhealthy, but it could also lead to serious damages in our hair. Instead of washing it with your regular shampoo, try to look for shampoos that are intended for newly dyed hair and shampoo at least twice a week.

• Do not tie your hair too tightly – probably one of the most common mistakes women make. Yes, it’s convenient but tying your hair too tightly could lead to hair loss in your scalp.

• Avoid washing your hair all the time – yes, I know it doesn’t sound very hygienic, but some stylists say that washing your hair all the time isn’t good for your hair. Our hair produces a natural oil that is necessary to protect itself, so washing it all the time isn’t very healthy because it washes down the natural oil. It’s not like I suggest you don’t wash your hair for a long time, but washing your hair for 3-4 times a week is recommended.

• Invest on reliable appliances – cheap hair irons and hair dryers have expanded everywhere. You might think that you can save more when you buy cheap products, but some cheap products were created for cheap materials, which could lead hair damages. Of course, not every expensive brand is good but make sure you check reviews before buying one.

• Use the wonders of ACV by ACV, I mean apple cider vinegar. Yes, it doesn’t smell nice, but it works, especially in my experience. ACV is a good tool to help soften our hair and balance our scalp’s pH levels. Simply mix a spoon of ACV with two spoons of warm water, apply it to your hair then rinse.

healthy hair (1)• Try using Oil at least once – oils like jojoba oils, castor oils and olive oils gives miracles to our hair. What’s great about these oils is that they’re natural and environmental, meaning they’re not full of chemicals or other components that damage our hair. Using these oils will now only improve our hair, but they’re also great to fight off dandruff and other annoying stuff in the head.

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How To Become A Fashion Designer

Posted by on Jan 19, 2016

Fashion designAre you one of the dreamers to become the next Karl Lagerfeld, Diane Von Furstenberg or Tom Ford? Then you’ve reached the right page. It’s not new that several people think that fashion is superficial; fashion isn’t something for several people. But even though some people think of this, what they don’t know is that all types of clothes, from simple to sophisticated, came from fashion designers themselves. Yes, including that plain shirt you’re wearing right now. So you see, the world of fashion isn’t something shallow like what other people thinks, fashion is much deeper than that. Fashion is just like art, but wearable art.

The world of fashion is one of the biggest industries out there, which means it’s not as easy as it looks actually to be “up” there. Of course, just like any jobs, you have to work from the bottom to get to the top or otherwise, you’ll never really learn. There are several ways to become a fashion designer, entering fashion companies like Vogue and Chanel is a great start. Entering competitions such as project runway are good too, but these suggestions are almost possible as you going to the moon! So what other ways for you to become one? Below I’ll give you some tips and advice how to become a fashion designer.

The first step is to get educated – getting a degree in fashion is almost a necessity unless you’re a rich heir of a billionaire then you don’t have to get these pre requisites just to create a fashion line. But you’re not, so you need it. It’s not really about going to school, but getting the right education in fashion is a requirement. In fashion schools, you’ll learn how to sew properly, create textiles and patters, know the history of fashion and many more. You’ll learn things focused only in the world of fashion.

Apply for internships! – Another prerequisite for fashion designer aspirant to join companies for internships. Not only this is helpful for your studies, but going in an internship will help you feel the “real” world of fashion. What better way to learn than experience the job right? Some aspirants join fashion retail stores or work as stylists, either way; both are great positions to be an intern. If you’re resilient enough, you can try internships at Paris, New York or Milan, to get better teachings of the fashion industry.

Fashion design (2)Work hard on your portfolio – your fashion portfolio is going to be an important part in your fashion career. While your employers value your internships and education, the last basis to know if you’re worth their time is your portfolio. So what another way to impress them than create an amazing one. You can use the projects you’ve worked on even when you’re in school as a part of your portfolio. This is a great way to see if you have a future in their company or if your style matches up with theirs. Your portfolio should include colours and details, balance and proportion and sense of the aesthetic. So work hard on your portfolio and put the ones you think is the best.

Work twice as hard as everyone else – While yes, you have the talent and the style. The bad news is, every one is the fashion industry is either more talented than you or as talented as you. So you’re doomed, but what better way to be better than these people? Is to work as hard as everyone else. Coco Chanel and Giorgio Armani weren’t rich and wealthy when they started, but look where they are right now. Their companies were built because of their labour and hard work, so try to get some inspiration from these people and start sketching your future fashion line!

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The Factors That Put Epilators Above Traditional Shaving

Posted by on Oct 12, 2015

legsHair removal is a constant battle, and different methods will always have their supporters and detractors. Each different hair-removal technique out there has its strong points and its weaknesses, meaning that the ideal method may be different for individual hair-removal tasks. When it comes to removing unwanted body hair, using an epilator is an alternative to shaving that has some strong points in its favor.

For starters, consider the disadvantage of shaving the legs and other parts of the body. After being shaved, individual hairs return with a thicker shaft, which makes them stand out more. Since hairs can become visible again after just a few days, this means that shaving is a task that has to be repeated at very frequent intervals. Neglecting this demanding schedule will soon make the affected area look and feel less attractive.

Using an epilator properly takes a little more time on a case-by-case basis when compared to shaving, but the time between applications is much longer. This means epilator users get to enjoy smooth, hair-free legs and arms for much longer in between hair-removal sessions. When the hairs do start to show up again, they come in with a natural, tapered shaft, making them less obvious. Most users get good results by using an epilator no more than every 2-3 weeks. (Are you looking for the ultimate guide to epilators?) The long time between uses makes epilators attractive to many users.

Long-term epilator use has some additional advantages to offer. Since epilators pluck out hairs entirely, including their roots, some hairs will never grow back. Over time, the density of the affected hair thins out. With enough usage epilators also become less painful, negating one of the common complaints against these devices.

razorEpilators provide a lot of conveniences when employed properly, especially when compared to shaving. Shaving properly is a many-step process that can involve a lot of messiness. For best results, your hairs have to be soaked in hot water prior to shaving, and then a quality shaving cream must be applied. Shaving also requires a great deal of care after the hair has been removed. Most shavers need to apply a post-shave balm or moisturizer to protect the skin. Bear in mind that disinfection may be necessary too if you slip and cut yourself while shaving.

In stark contrast, using an epilator requires minimal preparation and after-care. (Some users like to use a moisturizing balm after they’re finished, but this is absolutely not a requirement.) The only negative sign left behind by an epilator is the presence of a few small bumps, and these tend to disappear entirely within a day. These bumps are a natural reaction to the removal of your hair by the root, and they’re ultimately harmless. An epilator can potentially pinch your skin if used negligently, but there is no chance of actually cutting yourself or drawing blood.

You should bear in mind that like a lot of grooming appliances, an epilator does require attentive use. It’s not a good idea to operate an epilator while also attempting to something else (e.g. watching TV). The task will always go faster and produce much better results if you focus your full attention on it. It’s important to ensure that you pay close attention to your skin while using an epilator to ensure that you don’t miss any unwanted hairs.

While it’s true that an epilator does represent a more significant up-front investment than a basic razor, bear in mind that you won’t have to buy replacement blades (and shaving cream) over and over. With a good quality epilator, you can solve your hair-removal dilemmas permanently and enjoy smooth, hairless skin for that much longer in between uses.

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Floral prints

Posted by on Jul 25, 2015

Floral prints

Many women like wearing clothes that have floral prints on them; and why shouldn’t they. Floral prints tell us that the person wearing them is happy, is joyful, and has nothing to hide. Floral prints usually remind us of summer, and that period of year where it seems all of our worries disappear, and we just want to have fun and enjoy our time with our family, with our friends, and with the ones we love. However, it seems as if these floral prints are starting to get overused, and the clothes designers have started applying them everywhere, even on winter clothing, which practically makes no sense. In order not to let this happen, we need to learn what clothes ought to have floral prints on them, and which ones don’t. And that is why we are going to show you exactly that, and how to wear such clothes as well. So, let’s begin, shall we?

summer-vacation-clothesFirst of all, you need to find a good print that would be applied to your clothes. Each person has a different opinion when it comes to this subject, and different people like different colors, shapes and sizes, which shouldn’t surprise us. However, it should be noted that not every floral print suits each body size, or each person’s tan. That is why we need to think things through before choosing a floral print for our clothes. If a person short or is a bit chubbier, then smaller prints are the best for them. They should also wear short clothes, and make sure that they choose colors that are really light and have an A line cut.

ColorPicker-ClassicSaturatedThen, the right color needs to be picked. We’ve already mentioned this, but let’s talk about it in length now. Slim people wear brighter colors a lot better than the bulkier ones. That is why we need to keep this in mind, even if it hurts our feelings. That is why we need to choose the color for the body we have, not the body we want. Also, warm pastel colors look great on anyone, but look even better on chubbier persons.

Also, when talking about clothing, we need to take into account the accessories that come along with it. We need to pick them so they contrast the floral prints. That way, they will be a lot more visible, and keep in mind that that’s why they are there – to be seen. So, for example, if you’re wearing clothes with floral prints that look very complicates, wear accessories that are just plain and simple.

And the final think we need to address here are the shoes. Seeing ho we’ve already mentioned that floral prints are great for summer, those are exactly the kind of shoes that you should wear with them – the summer shoes. Wear something flat heeled and it will go great with the flowers on your shirt. Also, try to mach the color of the shoes with the color of your floral prints, and if it is possible, with your accessories as well.

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Making nice flower nail designs

Posted by on Jul 25, 2015

Making nice flower nail designs

Women like doing their nails and polishing them. But, seeing how the summer is here, women’s nails ought to show that and tell the men that they are not boring and dull women, but that they are happy, joyful and full of optimism, which summer days usually bring. And what better way to show that than to make flower designs on your nails. And if you are not sure how to do that, than you’re in luck, because we are about to show you.

nail-polishFirst of all, of course, you will need to apply some nail polish to your nails as a base color. You can choose any color you want, but just make sure it’s a happy one. Also, keep in mind that the color needs to be in contrast with the color of the flowers you intend to paint, in order for them to be more visible.

Then, you should apply a top coat to all the nails on which you don’t intent to draw a flower. It is important to note that you don’t have to have a flower on every single nail; in fact it is better to have them on just a couple of nails, because that way, they will become more visible and will draw more attention.

Then, once you’ve decided on which nails you wish to draw a floral pattern, let the base dry. Then, find a bobby pin and straighten it out. You will use this pin to apply your floral design onto a nail. Then comes a time when you’ll need to pick a color for the flower. Choose two colors, but remember that they need to be in contrast with the base color.

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Now, you’ll have to drip the end of the pin into the first color, and make a dot at the very center of your nail. This will be the center of the floral design. Then, use another pin, and drip that one into the second color. Than, make about 5 dots around the central dot. These will be your petals.

Then, you can add some more decoration if you want. You can draw the plant tree and the leaves coming from one side of your nail to the center of the flower, but this is not a necessity. Do this only if you want to decorate your nails even further. If you’re happy with just the head of the flower, then leave it that way, and it will still look nice and pretty.

Then, once you’ve finished with your design, you will need to let the nails dry. Wait for a couple of minutes, and then, after that, you will need to protect your drawing, and you can do that by applying a top coat on top of the nail. And once you’ve done this, you’ve successfully completed making a floral design on your nails, and you can go around freely bragging to everyone how you have the most beautiful nails around and no one can contradict you with that.

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Make your own natural beauty products

Posted by on Jul 24, 2015

Make your own natural beauty products

Women spend thousands of dollars a year on beauty products, and most of them don’t even know that they can achieve the same effect that those products offer with an all-natural ingredient mash that can be made by you at your own home. Most homes already have all these ingredients, and that is precisely why you will no longer need to spend so much money on store-bought beauty products, when you can have your own, home-made beauty products.

The beauty industry counts on you to buy their products for a nicer and softer facial skin, but you can make your own products by using ingredients you have at home. The results are definitive, and you will be pleased with them. So, what can you do to make your own facial products? Well, you can use grapes. Yes, the very same grapes that you’d eat, you can use to get a better facial skin. All you have to do is to remove the skin and add some almond flour. Mash it up, and you’ve gotten yourself a first grade facial beauty product.

facial-creamAlso, you could just take some oats that you usually find in any oat meals, and dampen them up a bit. And that’s it! All you have to do now is to rub it all over your face, and the first results should be visible as soon as you wash up. Another great facial cream can be made out of honey and bananas. What you need to do is to mash up the bananas and ad around 3 table spoons of honey. And, once you’ve mixed them up properly, you can put them on your face immediately.

And who says that natural products are only good for your face. You can make an entire skin softening bath just by adding a cup of honey and a cup of milk to your bath. This will make your skin extremely soft, and you will feel great in it.

But, let’s get back to the fact, since it is the most appealing feature of every woman. There are various face masks that you can make, but this is the simplest one: rub some honey on your face and let it sit for around 15 minutes. Then, rinse it out, and your face will feel as it never did before.

MilkAlso, you can make a face mask out of apples, pears and honey. Take one big apple and one big pear and grate them. Then, ad about 1 table spoon of honey, and start mixing it. After you’ve done that, you can go on and apply it to your face. Let it sit there for 10-15 minutes, and after that, you can just rinse it away.

So, as we have seen, these all-natural honey-based products can make your skin feel soft, nice and alive, and all for a price that is much lower than all those beauty products you see on television. Don’t be afraid to try out new things, and remember that natural products are always the better choice.

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Women’s Beauty Products

Posted by on Jul 24, 2015

Women’s Beauty Products

Not everybody needs a complete makeover as some prefer to save a more characteristic appearance. Let’s be honest, numerous men are pulled into the low upkeep, “young lady nearby” look and achieving that can be general as trying as looking model-great. Things being what they are, the means by which do you accomplish an attractive look without the overwhelming utilization of beautifying agents and cosmetics? Our regular magnificence tips will help you do only that, and put you on the way to a delightful, unaffected, you.

Normal excellence is much the same as a general solid appearance. Begin with a superior way of life. Your own particular demeanors and everyday life reflect by they way you look to others. Deal with your body and it will deal with you.

Eat a legitimate, very much adjusted eating regimen. Sustenance that is useful for your body helps your inside organs work appropriately and indicates on the outside also. The trap is to peruse the names painstakingly and eat solid sustenances with negligible additives. Great nourishment is critical to your outward appearance and life span.

Natural-Skin-Care-ProductsThe best skin on the planet won’t conquer a heavy body. Get fit as a fiddle on the off chance that you’ve been slacking off. Set some sensible wellness objectives to get your body fit and trim. Start with transient objectives and set new ones once they’re accomplished.

Water assumes a critical part. For brilliant skin, stay hydrated to keep your skin delicate and supple. Seal in water remotely after a shower by applying salve to the sodden skin.

Search for all characteristic, natural and home grown formulas for essential skin issues. Whether it’s dry skin or flaws, you can focus on the territories that need it most, prior chemicals that can be chafing to your skin.

As you age, you’ll hit a few knocks along the way. Nurture your skin as you do your most prized ownership and you’ll see the advantages rapidly, and also years from now.

Try not to need rugged skin? Decrease the presence of scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles by lessening presentation to the sun’s hazardous beams

On the off chance that you wish to wear cosmetics, use just the best beautifier brushes and magnificence instruments to upgrade your finest elements and spread defects. This permits you to apply just the sum that is required while mixing in any abundance shading. Apply a tinted cream or sheer establishment with a moist wipe. Either one will permit your regular skin tone to demonstrate through while covering minor blemishes.

Creme or fluid become flushed mixes more actually than powder. Apply to the apple of your cheeks, outwards, into your hairline to avert cosmetics lines.

Try not to need to overcompensate your eyes? You can now improve your own eyelashes without including bunches or hues. New, clear mascara is accessible to isolated your lashes and give them radiance and sparkle.

Anxiety is a heartbreaking reality in today’s quick paced way of life and regularly reflects in your skin and eyes. Make it routine to unwind and spoil yourself, every day if conceivable. This will give you time to ease off and arrangement the next day.

Get to be mindful of the outward appearances you regularly make when focused out.

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Healthy skin and cosmetics

Posted by on Jul 24, 2015

Healthy skin and cosmetics

Being an adolescent in today’s reality conveys numerous weights from society to look great. The media is brimming with lovely confronts that add to the anxiety of growing up. Try not to let that undermine your fearlessness! What’s a young lady to do? There are numerous approaches to upgrading your common excellence and keep a down to earth healthy skin and cosmetics schedule. These tips will bail draw out the best in you. Be that as it may, recollect, great stance and a grin give an awesome early introduction.

BeautyYoung people have diverse healthy skin and cosmetics needs than ladies. At what age ought to an adolescent start a healthy skin regimen? Healthy skin ought to really begin when they are preteens, as right on time as the age of 10 or 11. Hormones begin to kick in and imperfections may start to show up.

As you develop, your healthy skin needs will change, as your skin does. Give careful consideration to what items you are utilizing and if there are any undesirable influences occurring. What makes your skin look brilliant one month may bring about imperfections and break-outs the following.

At an early age, a light lotion may be called for, yet don’t utilize overwhelming creams made for dry skin. Pick an item that is figured for a light healthy skin support that does not obstruct your pores. An overwhelming cream will most likely wreak devastation and reason pimples. Take a stab at utilizing a light lotion just once every, prior day sleep time. Any more regularly than that is likely trying too hard. For mix skin, spot-saturate. Rather than utilizing cream on your whole face, use it just on get territories and keep it dry of your t-zone.

Skin inflammation is the #1 healthy skin sympathy toward adolescents. Keep your face and hair clean, wash your hands much of the time, and keep them far from your face. There are numerous items accessible available today for skin inflammation avoidance and cures, and they are a great deal more successful than years back.

it-cosmetics-hello-light-cream-creme-luminizer-illuminator-highlighter-review-swatchesMost adolescent young ladies start wearing light cosmetics around the ages of 12-13 as they turn out to be more mindful of their appearance. As an adolescent, your cosmetics ought to look normal and improve your facial elements. Try not to try too hard, this will just make you look senseless. With a couple of straightforward, modest items, you can play up your finest elements and look awesome!

Keep your cosmetics light for the school. You don’t have to utilize it on every facial component you have! Blend and match to figure out what looks best on you. For gatherings, you may need to add somewhat more cosmetics to include some glitz. Verify you mix it in well with your fingers or a beauty care products brush. Weigh it in brilliant light when you’re done.

Similarly as with any cosmetics, mixing is the key. Weigh your cosmetics in light if conceivable and don’t be reluctant to swipe off any entrance with a tissue. Never go to bed with cosmetics on.

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